Finding a Plant in a Concrete Jungle

In strictlybaltimore on December 4, 2012 at 9:45 am


Baltimore Green Space

In this concrete jungle it is rare that you see plants and vegetables growing in your neighborhood.

But with Baltimore Green Space they are looking to change that one neighborhood at a time.

Baltimore Green Space, a nonprofit land trust, preserves and supports community gardens and community-managed open spaces. Founded in 2007 they have expanded to three locations, one in Upper Fells Point, Duncan Street, and Pigtown.

Community-managed gardens and open spaces contribute positive effects to the community. An empty abandoned lot will transform an eye sore in to one of the prides of the community. Which will also increase the property value of your house.

While the Baltimore Green Space assists with protecting and preserving the community lot, it is up to the community to nurture and maintained. This is done through a community partner to maintain the quality of the green space which bond the community together.

They are always looking for assistance and locations to expand. If you have or know of an open space in your area that you would like to preserve please let them know. You can also volunteer your time or donate to the land trust.

When was the last time you watered a plant or stopped to smell a rose?

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