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The Village Learning Place

The Village Learning Place

This blog and our website is dedicated to help you find a way to dedicate your free time to something you can be passionate about. While we gear mainly to sports and activities that are social and make you sweat, we also want to give resources and ways on how you can be a better person. With that in mind we are starting a new series for Strictly Baltimore showcasing volunteer opportunities and helpful ways to give back to Baltimore. It’s called “Give Back Baltimore.”

If you have lived here long enough, you used to remember when Baltimore City used to be called “The City That Reads.” While that may or may not be the case one thing is for sure. This organization can believe it.

The Village Learning Center is an independent non-profit library. But take one look at what they do and you see more than that. Located in Charles Village, they focus on the personal and professional growth by hosting programs and resources for the community.

True to their name, the VLP provides monthly activities and programs for all ages to participate and learn.

Every second Wednesday the VLP offers a free lecture, concert, or special arts event. For instance, yesterday they had a Holiday Artisan Market, a great collection of handcrafted products that make the perfect holiday gift. Don’t miss their next and last installment of this year, Wednesday, Deecmber 12, where there will be a performance by Camerata Musica, singers of Renaissance Madrigal music.

They also team up with LINK (Let’s Invest In Neighborhood Kids) to offer after school and summer programs for kids in the city. The Village Learning Place also offers one-on-one tutoring for people looking to pass their GED‘s.

They are always looking for people to get involved and be a part of the Village Learning Place. Donations, volunteering, tweets, anything and everything would help their cause of community enrichment and lifelong learning.

Give Back to Baltimore. 

When was the last time you volunteered? 
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