Talk Thursdays – What Will You Do To Make Life Worth It?

In strictlybaltimore on November 8, 2012 at 1:40 pm

Baltimore, Maryland Skyline from the Inner Harbor

What Will Make This Day Worthwhile?

Thursday gets a bad rap. It’s the eve before Friday. There’s not much to do unless you have something special planned.

There’s no popular song or place about Thursday. There’s Ruby Tuesday’s, TGI Fridays, Never On Sundays (Great local restaurant in Mt. Vernon, try their “STS” when you get the chance. It’s called that for a reason), but nothing cool for Thursdays.

So today what we want to know is what do you do on Thursdays?

But today instead of learning about a cool place around Baltimore to check out or showcase another Baltimore organization, we want to hear from you?

If you’re in college and today marks the start of your weekend, you’ll probably hit the local bar with your friends. Which one?

If your taking a dance class, yoga, spin, martial arts, run, hike? Tell us know!

On this mundane Thursday:
What will you do or want to do after work to make this Thursday worth it?

Let us know!


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  1. Heading to Nacho Mama’s down in Canton for a Hubcap Margarita and their famous quesadillas!

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