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Baltimore Convention (LOC)

Walk Through The Life of Baltimore in One Mile

In this historic city, every building has a story but few have the knowledge to tell them. Now you have the chance to learn more about the city around you.

This Sunday, November 4, and on the 18th, there will be a walking tour that will uncover the historic tapestry of BaltimoreStarting at the corner of N. Gay St. and E. Saratoga St., people will be walking a mile around the heart of Baltimore learning about the rich history and notice the struggles and triumphs that Baltimore has gone through to become what it is today.

Starting at 9:30 AM, the walk will only last 75 minutes and will start and stop at the Farmer’s Market under 83. This gives people the chance to stock up on great local produce and meals before and after the tour.

It is $5 for adults and children under free are free.

Learn about Baltimore through the buildings standing today. From being one of the thirteen colonies to becoming the Baltimore you see today, you can rediscover Baltimore through the buildings that are still standing today.

WHERE: The Corner of N. Gay St. and E. Saratoga St., Farmers’ Market
Sundays – 9:30 AM – 10:45 AM – November 4, 18
WHAT: Discover the rich and historic tapestry of Baltimore. $5 for adults and under 16 are free. 


Baltimore Heritage

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