Learn When to Zen

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Stop to Think

Meditation is the best cure to a worried soul, a broken heart, or a restless mind. 

In the world that we live in it becomes hard to turn off your electronic devices or brain. Your constantly bombarded with decisions and wired into a device or a circle to be a part of. There’s always another tweet to send, another Facebook post to like, a meeting to go to, a date to meet that you don’t seem to have time for yourself.

The only time you have to yourself is when your asleep and some people don’t make enough time for that. 

Well starting today, the Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland, Mt. Washington is starting a 3 week meditation series designed to show you how to meditate and how to use it with your daily life. The meditation will show you basic breathing and meditation techniques that you can use to ease the stress of the day and enjoy the moment. Open to all levels of meditation seekers and great for people beginners. The series is from 7 to 8:15 PM and is $10 for the class and $25 for the 3 week series. If you can’t make it to this place, they are also offering the same series in their Owings Mills and Bowie location. Click here to check the times at those locations.

The Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland was built to offer a peaceful and harmonious environment. They have multiple locations around Maryland leading meditation classes, workshops, and retreats.

Find your zen, center, transcend, inner voice, inspiration, calling, whatever you want to call it. IT is in you, you just need to take the time to listen to it.

The Rx: Meditation 3 Week Series 
WHERE: Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland, Mt Washington
WHEN: Thursdays – 7 – 8:15 PM – November 1, 8, 15
WHAT: 3 week meditation series focusing on meditation and breathing techniques that you can use in your daily life. $10 per class and $25 for the series. Free for members. 



Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland
The Rx: Meditation 3 Week Series 

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