Free Women’s Only Self-Defense Seminar

In strictlybaltimore on October 25, 2012 at 10:32 am

Something That Could Save A Woman’s Life!


If you are a woman and someone tries to choke you from behind, what do you do? If someone pins you to the ground or tries to mug you, do you know what to do in those situations? 

Based off perception, a woman is an easier target to attack than a man. So might as well take the necessary precaution and learn how to defend yourself if a moment like that arises.

Masada Tactical is presenting a FREE WOMEN’S ONLY SELF-DEFENSE seminar. This seminar will be held this Sunday, October 28, @ 10 AM. The event is 3 hours long and will offer practical advice for women if they are put in a life threatening situation.

Masada Tactical is an organization that trains in Israeli Combat and promotes realistic tactical training for civilians and professional warriors.

The event is free and sponsored by CHANA. CHANA, stands for Counseling, Helpline and Aid Network for Abused Women. They are an advocate for victims of domestic violence. In prevention of another statistic, they are holding this event.

FREE CHANA T-shirts and refreshments will be provided.

If you are a woman living in the city, we highly recommend that you consider attending this event. It is open to the public for a reason.

WHEN: Sunday, October 28, 10AM
WHERE: Masada Tactical, LLC, 1414 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21208
WHAT : FREE Women’s Only Self-Defense Seminar
Free Women’s Seminar teaching practical self defense techniques and advice for women. WOMEN ONLY. Sponsored by CHANA.



Masada Tactical, LLC
1414 Reisterstown Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21208

CHANA –  Counseling, Helpline and Aid Network for Abused Women.


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