Find The Joy in Being Selfless

In strictlybaltimore on October 24, 2012 at 9:39 am


A Little Bit Goes a Long Way


Volunteering is one of the most selfless acts you can do. Being able to dedicate more than just your money, but your time and a helping hand can mean much more.


In Maryland, particularly in Baltimore, there are a lot of organizations that need people’s help with the little things. From giving out hot meals to the homeless or walking dogs in a rescue center, there is something for anyone to do. In the future we’ll showcase a number of these organizations but for now we’ll focus on one.


The Central Maryland Volunteers offers the chance for anyone to give their time, have fun, and meet new people. The Central Maryland Volunteers is a group of able ready volunteers waiting to help out where they can.They post weekly events on their bulletin board of volunteer opportunities to attend and the members have the choice of going or not.


What makes this group great is that its free and no obligation to do any of the events that are posted. This gives people a chance to see what they can do in their community but do not have to feel obligated to take part. The Central Maryland Volunteers have many volunteer jobs ready for anyone who wants to participate and are also looking for volunteer opportunities as well.


If you know of any volunteer event, once you join you can post any local event on the bulletin board and calendar. 


At this moment, where money is short and times are tough a kind gesture such as your time can mean the more than a dollar. Take the time out of your day and check the website or see what you can do in your community. A little bit goes a long way.



Central Maryland Volunteers


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