Meet the Roller Skaters and Bladers of Baltimore!

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Hot SkatesRoller Skating Center

Ever since the boost in popularity in the 70s and 90s, people still lace their skates and head down to the roller rink to have a little fun. Check out one of the only roller skating centers in the Baltimore area, Hot Skates – Roller Skating Center. Located in West Baltimore near Security Square Mall is right off exit 17 from the Beltway.

Hot Skates, brings the love of roller skating and community together with their weekday specials. Providing events such as Teen Skate, Gospel skate, and Affordable Family Fun nights, the community can find somewhere to get together and have a good time.

Worried about knocking over some kids while your skating? They have adult skate on Throwback Sunday nights so that the grown ups can groove to old school jams while skating in peace.

One of their main specials are their Affordable Family Fun Skate Night Wednesday nights from 6 to 9 PM. You can skate until your heart’s content for just $1! If you don’t have any skates you can rent skates for only $3. For just $4 a person, whether your taking a date or looking for a fun game night with the friends and family, you can’t go wrong.

If your new to skating or afraid that your young one will get hurt, the skating center also provides Skate Mates which are training aids for the beginner. They look like walkers that are used to aid the elderly and help with the beginner’s balance.

Times and dates are subject to change so click here to verify which deal is happening today.

What: Roller Skating Center
When: Check there website for their weekday specials
Every Wednesday is Affordable Family Fun Skate Night – 6 – 9 PM –  $1 Admission – $3 Skate Rentals
Two Free Admission Skate Passes also on their website


Hot Skates – Roller Skating Center 
1716 Whitehead Rd., Woodlawn, MD 21207
Weekly deals
Facebook – /HotSkatesBaltimore
Twitter – @HotSkatesBWI

  1. I really like the sport and can’t read enough about it! Thanks for sharing this information with us, I will return every day to read more. Thanks for this site!

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