Grab A Drink and Join Over 7,000 Baltimore Sports Fans Who Want to Meet You

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Find Your Competitive Spirit  and Share a Pint!

If you just moved into Baltimore City, used to play sports in college and high school, and want a club where you can still play the game you love and meet some people then you should join the Baltimore Sports and Social Club. The Baltimore Sports and Social Club, Inc. (BSSC) was founded in 1998.

Part of the BSSC is the social aspect which some people cherish more than the game itself. Go to Looney’s in Canton during the week and you’ll probably see one of their shirts worn proudly as they represent their team and this club. Most of their games are held in Patterson Park which is a light stroll to the bars where they bond with their team and talk with the other teams.

The Baltimore Sports and Social Club includes a membership of over 7,000 participants competing in sports and activities

With active teams in football, softball, volleyball, wiffleball, broomball, kickball, dodgeball, and cornhole with most of the sports playing year-round you are bound to find a sport you’ve played or want to.

Whether your signing by yourself or with a group of you friends, sign up is easy. The costs to sign up for the season are $65 with $60 going to the league fees and the other $5 going in to admin fees. From there you can sign up for which league you want to be in depending on how good you are (or how much you want to socialize). There are three levels: Social (for the pro’s and advance players), Extreme Social (for the intermediate and advance), and Super Extreme Social (for the beginner and intermediate). If you sign up as an individual you will be selected into a team for the season but if you have a team just wait until the season starts and have fun.

Not sure if BSSC is right for you still? Go to one of the social events on their website and strike a conversation with the people there. Your bound to meet one in a league. Click here to check out their social events page.


Baltimore Sports and Social Club, Inc. (BSSC)
Upcoming BSSC Social Events


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