Baltimore Hiking Enthusiasts Unite!

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Baltimore Hiking Enthusiasts Unite!

Enjoying the great outdoors when you live in a concrete jungle can be rather difficult. However if you have people who share the same passion it becomes easier. Meet the “Hiking Around Baltimore” group. They have over 1,700 members and love to explore. Whether it be the urban or natural landscape they want to be anywhere but sitting on the couch.

The group has weekly events to engage its members. They host trips to hiking trails both near and far. For instance, next weekend their taking a trip to Luray Caverns and Shenandoah Valley. The same day people are also hiking the trails of Little Gunpowder-Bottom Trailhead.

The group is catered to people in their  20’s to 40’s but host some events for all ages. Pets are also allowed to some hiking events as well depending on the site.

Joining the “Hiking Around Baltimore” group is free and on, a social website that shows what’s happening in your area (but more on that at another time).  Click here to check out their home page.

Home Page 


  1. Hi, I’ve been a lurker around your blog for a few months. I love this article and your entire site! Looking forward to reading more!

  2. I think so. I think your article will give those people a good reminding. And they will express thanks to you later

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