Baltimore Bicycling Club

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Cyclist on the Millenáris velodrome in Budapest

With a community of over 1100 members, it is safe to say that Baltimore Bicycling Club is the most well-known bicycling club here in Baltimore. Since its origination in 1967 it has expanded to the neighboring counties. Baltimore Bicycling Club strives to give and sponsor bicycling activities all over Baltimore and the surrounding area while promoting safe bike road riding environments.

The BBC offer a number of bike rides to attend around the Baltimore area throughout the week. While you do have to be a member to take part in most of these events, there are some events that are open to the public. They also post events outside of Baltimore and its surrounding area for people to be aware of. You can view a list of their upcoming bike trails here.

Membership for this group is $20 a year and $35 for two years. These dues grants you access to their newsletter, leading events, and forum participation, the dues also covers the cost of insurance during BBC club rides. Sign up is easy and can be done online by clicking here.

Being part of a club is a great way for someone to meet new people and socialize. The Baltimore Bicycling Club offers trails that highlights the dynamic natural and urban environment of Baltimore. If you like to bike, want to get back into shape, or just want to meet new people, consider joining the Baltimore Bicycling Club.


BBC Main Website

BBC Membership

BBC Upcoming Events

  1. In the photo, why are you guys driving / riding on the correct side of the road? 😉

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