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Great Events, No Cost!

Now that the Fall season has come, the city of Baltimore decided to take the Month of November to highlight great organizations and museums by offering free events to the public.

Sponsored by Susquehanna Bank and the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, they shape the month of October to showcase the diversity and arts of the city.

With Free Fall Baltimore, those looking to partake in Baltimore sightseeing can take advantage of free admission to a number of iconic Museums around Baltimore. American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore Museum of Art, The Star-Spangled Banner Flag House, and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum are just a few of the notable locations that offer free admission during certain days in October.

With all the events occurring in the metropolitan area it gives people more of an added value to visiting Baltimore.

For example, if your taking the family out to the National Aquarium in Baltimore on Saturday October 6, you can stop by the Star-Spangled Banner Flag house free admission and learn about the origins of our US Flag and National Anthem.

While Baltimore harbor may be the anchor for visitors, Free Fall Baltimore aims to look at the other organizations that are don’t get much exposure.  Take free dance classes from the Baltimore Dance Crews Project or go on a treasure hunt at the Amaranthine Museum. There are more than one event held each day keeping you busy this month of October.

Check out the schedule (with links!) and see what events you and your friends want to take part in.

Can’t make one of the events? Call up the organization and see when the next event there holding will be. I’m sure they would love you to come.

The only thing you have to lose is a wasted opportunity.

So go to an event and be a part of Baltimore!


Free Fall Baltimore 
Free Fall Baltimore Calendar w/ links


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