Baltimore Brazilian Jui Jitsu

In strictlybaltimore on September 23, 2012 at 10:12 am

Get In Shape, Feel Good, Self Discipline, Self-Defense

Want to learn the basics of almost all the UFC fighters? If you look at the all the UFC fighters most of them have a background in Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

Why is that?

Well Brazilian Jui Jitsu provides the fundamentals skill sets for effectiveness used in most martial arts. Teaching and expanding upon submission grappling to striking techniques Brazilian Jui Jitsu gives students a solid foundation. Even if you aren’t looking to step into the octagon anytime soon Brazilian Jui Jitsu still offers a great workout for anyone looking to get in shape. Whether you have done any martial arts experience in the beginning or just want to try to see why people train under Brazilian Jui Jitsu consider trying the Baltimore Brazilian Jui Jitsu. They not only offer BJJ but mixed martial arts and kickboxing classes as well.

Offering both adult and children exercises provides a great opportunity for the family to not only get in shape together but also teach your family self-defense.

Still not convinced if Brazilian Jui Jitsu is right for you?

Baltimore Brazilian Jui Jitsu provides a free e-course that helps you get started in BJJ and shows if BJJ is right for you or your family. Also the Baltimore BJJ also offers an introductory free month trail to try risk free. The best learning tool is experience and based on the testimonials on their website once people have begun training in Baltimore BJJ they have not looked back.

Consider the Baltimore Brazilian Jui Jitsu!
412 Eastern Boulevard, Essex, MD 21221


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